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    RuK 40L Solar Backpack + 22L Sling Pack Package

    Black Solar/Grey Sling
    Grey Solar/Black Sling

    Bring home the best of both bags this year with the RuK Pack Bundle.  This exclusive RuK package includes:

    • 1 RuK Solar Pack (40L) w/ Power Bank
    • 1 RuK Sling Pack (22L)  
    • Choice of color for both Packs 
    • Water-resistant polyester exterior
    • 5-year warranty
  • How long does it take for the solar panel to charge my phone? In ideal sun conditions and temperature, the solar panel will provide a 1% charge increase every 2-3 minutes. Under ideal conditions, the solar charge can power-on a 0% smartphone in 10-13 minutes (note: at least 3% power is required to turn on most iPhones). Most smartphones can be fully charged with your RuK Pack solar power in 7-9 hours starting from 0%.
  • Is the RuK Pack Waterproof? The RuK Pack is water-resistant, but not “submerge underwater” waterproof. The high-grade polyester resists water, and the zippers are weather-sealed.
  • How large is the meal compartment and does it keep items warm/cool? Meal Compartment measures 5" x 13" x 5.5" (12.7x33x14cm). Yes, the compartment is sealed and insulated, which prolongs desired temperatures. Icepack's will stay preserved like most basic cooler bags.
  • Can I use my own power bank/battery pack? Yes, RuK Packs are specifically engineered to connect with most battery packs requiring USB power to charge. The side pocket offers easy storage and access for portable phone charging battery packs.
  • Does the solar power work indoors or on cloudy days? Wherever there is UV light, the solar panel will work. The level of direct sunlight will impact the level of power it produces. Your RuK Power Bank should be used to charge indoors, at night, or on very cloudy days.
  • What can the RuK Pack charge? Most USB devices will charge from RuK’s Solar power: smartphones, battery packs, headphones, smartwatches, etc.
  • What size laptop can the RuK Pack hold? The laptop pocket is larger than most standard bags. Microfiber laptop sleeve measures 19" x 13" (48x33cm.)
  • What are the dimensions of the RuK Pack? The Solar backpack measures 19.3" x 13.6" x 8.3" (49x34.5x21cm) with a 40L+ capacity.
  • Free UPS ground shipping to the continental USA. See our Shipping Policy for more details. 

    For each backpack sold, RuK sends a light bulb to the Democratic Republic of the Congo for homes, schools, and orphanages that currently do not have these resources available.