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    From athletics to accounting. From rugby to real world. When the founders of RuK entered the white-collar workforce, they were determined to not only dominate their careers, but never lose their ability to prioritize physical health and fitness. As athletes their entire lives, RuK’s Jon Clark and Todd Newman struggled to find ONE bag that could serve a fitness minded business professional in both the corporate and gym environment. 

    Spending over 15 years climbing the professional ladder, both men continued to dominate their careers, ultimately running a variety of their own successful businesses.  But a void still remained.  Carrying a backpack to the conference room was a great conversation piece, but rarely considered “professional.” Bringing prepped meals to work meant carrying two bags.  Having a dedicated laptop satchel or briefcase meant making room for 3 bags. Traveling for a business trip? You might as well give up on your diet and training routine all together! Until now.  The RuK Pack was born to be an all-in-one solution to ensure you never have an excuse not to prioritize your physical fitness while you crush your career goals.

    “Throughout our lives, we’ve been passionate about promoting health and fitness to our families, employees, and across the general workforce. The RuK Pack is a massive step in the right direction to give society one less excuse to give up on their new year’s resolutions. At RuK, we strive to make it simple for people to hit health and fitness goals, without sacrificing their dedication to killing it at their careers.”

    - Jon Clark, Founder & CEO, RuK Enterprises