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    RuK Enterprises Backpack RuK Solar Backpack (40L)







    • TRAVEL
    Laptop Backpack, Best Travel Backpack TSA approved, Commuter Backpack, Solar panel charger, Fitness Backpack, RuK Backpack, Solar Backpack
    • Pack Meal Prep. RuK's insulated meal section can hold multiple containers, beverages, snacks and utensils. Throw in a cold pack to keep things cool and fresh throughout your day.

    • Pack Agile. RuK's smart phone holster feature allows you to quickly stow your phone securely (while on the move) for hands-free talking, capturing video on the move, or charging from the USB port.

    • Pack Clean.Keep your stink separate with RuK's moisture sealed laundry pocket.  Gone are the days of airing your dirty laundry at work.  

    Laptop Backpack, Best Travel Backpack TSA approved, Commuter Backpack, Solar panel charger, Fitness Backpack, RuK Backpack, Solar Backpack
    • Pack Professional. Fit a 17+ inch laptop with tablet, and there's still plenty of  room to spare for luggage, accessories, meals and everything a 2 night business trip requires.

    • Pack Powerful. Never miss an important text, email or call again. RuK's solar powered USB port will charge your phone, tablet, headphones, portable battery; almost any USB supported device. 

    • Pack Stylish. RuK's sleek design and high quality engineering ensures a look that's certain to show you're prepared and mean business in the boardroom.   

    Laptop Backpack, Best Travel Backpack TSA approved, Commuter Backpack, Solar panel charger, Fitness Backpack, RuK Backpack, Solar Backpack
    • Pack for Flight.  All RuK products meet TSA carry-on guidelines and help streamline your airport experience.  Our backpacks have a luggage strap to attach to your roller bag, and can easily fit under the seat in front of you, or overhead bins. 

    • Pack for Weather. The RuK Pack is water resistant and the solar panel generates power that can be fed to one of two USB ports.  Keep your 5V power bank (included) for a perpetual charge, storing power for use when sunlight is not available.  

    • Pack for Adventure. The casual hiker can keep snacks fresh in the meal compartment, a change of clothes in the luggage section, plenty of water in the bottle holder, and never lose power with USB charging.  Summit in style with RuK.    


    The RuK Pack has over 15 features designed specifically for kicking ass. From the office, to the gym, to the airport, RuK has you covered. It combines 3 essential bags into one convenient design complete with solar powered USB ports to power your USB compatible devices.

    Designed with active business professionals, this modern backpack is constructed with the highest attention to detail and quality. There's ample room for all your daily essentials, including a section for your laptop and tablet. Use this bag to keep your gym gear out of the way at the office, and store your meals in the insulated meal compartment to keep them warm or cold while on the go. There's even a dedicated laundry pocket to keep everything clean and organized.


    • Solar Powered USB Ports to Power USB compatible devices

    • Sealed and Insulated Meal Compartment 

    • Moisture Sealed Laundry Pocket

    • Water Resistant Outer Shell

    • Arm Strap Phone Holster

    • Zip-Away Beverage Pocket

    • Complete Professional Business Section (17”+ Laptop and Tablet)

    • 5V Portable Power Bank

    • Kevlar Roller Luggage Strap

    • Moisture Wicking, Comfort-Carry Straps and Padding

    • Many More…


    • Free UPS Ground Shipping to Continental USA

    • All Items Shipped from Texas Distribution Center within 1 Business Day

    • UPS 1 Day Air Shipping Available

    • Shipping to HI, AK, PR and Canada Available for $25 USD

    • See our Shipping Policy for more details


    How long does it take to charge my phone?

    It can vary based on your phone type, charging cord, and level of direct sunlight the panel is exposed to. We recommend closing out applications and turning your phone to airplane mode for optimal charging.

    How do I know if the USB power is on?

    There is a small indicator light attached to the USB port inside the side pocket. When that light is illuminated, you’re in business.

    What can I charge with my RuK Solar Pack?

    Virtually anything that connects to USB as a power source. We’ve seen great results for smartphones, battery packs, headphones, smartwatches, etc.

    Does the RuK Solar Pack need a battery pack to work?

    RuK Solar Packs can provide power with or without a battery pack. To achieve a continuous charge in any weather condition, using a battery pack will ensure power is stored up. Each RuK Solar Pack comes with a 5V power bank.

    Can I use my own battery pack?

    Yes, RuK Solar Packs are specifically engineered to connect with most battery packs requiring USB power to charge. The side pocket offers easy storage and access for portable phone charging battery packs.

    Does the solar power work indoors or on cloudy days?

    Wherever there is UV light, the solar panel will work. The level of direct sunlight will impact the level of power it produces. Direct sunlight will provide optimal performance, we recommend keeping a battery pack plugged in if you plan to charge indoors, at night or on cloudy days.

    How much does the RuK Solar Pack weigh?

    When empty, the RuK Solar Pack weighs 4.3 lbs.

    Will it fit a 17 inch laptop?

    Yes, the laptop pocket is larger than most standard bags with a width of over 12 inches.

    What are the Backpack’s dimensions/specs?

    19.3 in (49 cm) x 13.6 in (34.5 cm) x 8.3 in (21 cm) with a 40 L capacity

    Is the RuK Solar Pack TSA approved?

    Yes, the RuK Solar Pack meets all TSA requirements for carry-on luggage.

    Does the bag hold its overall shape when nothing is in it?

    Yes, the RuK Solar Pack has a stand-alone design that allows it to keep its general shape (even when empty), but remains flexible enough to ensure easy stowage.

    What warranty do you offer?

    Our Warranty for backpacks guarantees our product will be free from defects in materials and workmanship for the life of the product or 5 years (1 year for electronic components). We reserve the right to decide whether a product is defective or damaged through normal wear-and-tear. We do not replace products that have been replaced by a previous warranty claim.

    To receive a replacement for a defective bag, please contact us at We do not reimburse for shipping.

    What is your Return Policy?

    You can return your RuK™ bag 30 days after it is received for any reason with proof of purchase, packaging and hang tags intact, no cosmetic or functional damage, and all items included. A $30 USD re-stocking fee per RuK™ bag will apply and be deducted from refund. Customer is responsible for all shipping arrangements and costs.

    How do I power up my RuK Solar Pack?

    Great question! Please see Solar Pack User's Manual for a full overview. 

    Demand versatile performance.