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    The BADASS meal plan you need + A GIVEAWAY

    The BADASS meal plan you need +  A GIVEAWAY

    We've said it before, we'll claim it again!RuK Pack was created to keep you prepared and on the go!! Why!? Because we understand what it's like to be on a constant mission to GET. SHIT. DONE! 

    Amidst hectic weekday meetings and working out, going into a weekend of traveling and everything in between. RuK Pack is here to help keep you organized and prepared at all times. You know what else that includes? Your meals! We know that the time spent on preparing your own food can really add up… and let's be honest, who here wouldn't rather be closing business deals or dominating other aspects of their life!? Read until the end to see details to enter our current giveaway!

    Meal prepping is a sure fire way to help keep us on a healthy eating track. Not in the habit of planning ahead? That could be a recipe for disaster when it comes to your nutritional goals. As always, RuK Pack has you covered, by partnering with ICON meals! Icon Meals is a meal prep service that prepares and customizes every single meal just for you. Including food preferences, cooking ability, schedules, and your individual goals. 

    So, who isIcon Meals?

    A company whose meals passes rigorous food & safety inspection tests daily and are prepared fresh in a HACCP certified kitchen to ensure you get the safest cooking process in the industry. They also are the industry leader in cryo-vac meal technology. Which means each meal is plated in a 100% recyclable microwave-safe food container and vacuum-sealed to retain freshness. Which helps your meals to stay fresh while on the go!

    The best part?! They ship right to your front door!

    Still unsure if using a badass meal prep company like ICON meals is right for you? No problem- Check out this post for multiple chances to WIN either a RuK Solar or Sling Pack along with some awesome Icon Meal goodies!!! Good luck!