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    Gray RuK Packs - Delivery Update

    Gray RuK Packs - Delivery Update

    It seems like an eternity, but RuK's Gray backpacks are finally manufactured, and will be in the hands of our “pre-order” customers next month.  Amidst uncertainty overseas in February (and here in the US starting in March), we are proud to say RuK has fought through adversity created by the global pandemic, and will continue to produce great backpacks for you. 


    ✅ We expect Gray Packs to ship from our distribution center, direct to you, before the end of June

    ✅ Gray bags are manufactured with enhanced solar power capabilities

    ✅ Prefer not to wait? We can still ship a Black RuK pack to you immediately and provide you with a store credit on your next purchase. 


    Black RuK Packs remain in stock for immediate shipping, and we are excited to introduce more products to you later in 2020.  Please stay up to date with the latest products and news on our website and follow our social on Instagram. 


    We will keep you informed with shipping information in the upcoming weeks.  Always feel free to contact us at with any questions. 


    RuK On!