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    What to Do This Weekend: a Guide to Entertainment During Quarantine

    We don't know about you, but weekends look a lot different for us here lately! Social distancing and shelter-in-place measures in the United States is upon us, and there's no for sure date on when its going to be lifted. It easy to reminisce on the days when you probably counted down the days to the weekend and possibly had concert to attend, a fun meet-up with friends or family at a bar or restaurant, or maybe you loved going to watch the latest movie release at the theater (Okay- I’ll stop before this gets too depressing).  In any case, we are now restricted to whatever house-hold entertainment we can find—or at least the kind that allows us to stand six feet away from others.


    Maybe this has you questioning: what am I supposed to do now? Well- we've got you covered! Here are a few ways you can spend your weekend, while staying safe.

    Have a Virtual Brunch or Happy Hour with Friends

    There's no questions about it, we're living in strange times right now. however, human interaction is still just as essential to relieving daily stresses brought on. Social distancing doesn’t necessarily mean you have to be alone. So you can't go out and physically hang out with your friends and family, improvise! Schedule a brunch or happy hour on a virtual service such as Zoom, Skype, Houseparty or FaceTime. Cook a meal, grab your favorite beer or glass of wine and sit down with your friends- virtually!  Easiest way to plan this is to set a date and time, create a calendar invite for all attendees, and get excited about something to look forward to.

    Catch Up on New Music

    Although many musicians are postponing upcoming concerts and album drops indefinitely, a handful are still releasing. Since today is Friday, its the perfect time to check out new realists. Apps such as Spotify and Apple Music have a 'New Music Friday' playlist, which is perfect to be able to find the newest hits all in one place.


    Read Books

    Most people have a list books they think they'll get around to reading one day, so why not start now!! Get or order the books you've been thinking about reading and keep them somewhere you spend the most time while being at home. Maybe its in the living room where you usually relax and watch TV. Keep a book on your coffee table and every time you find yourself doing some mindless scrolling through you phone, pick up the book and read for 10 minutes. Not only will you feel better about yourself but you'll be more mentally stimulated too.

    Listen to Podcasts

    Find your favorite topic and listen to a podcast on it. No matter what your hobbies, passions or goals are, chances are there are hundreds of podcasts talking about it! It's as simple as going into your Spotify or Apple Podcasts apps and typing in a few key words in the search bar. From there you'll be introduced to a whole new world of valuable information. 

    Take a Walk and Get Outside

    You can leave your homes in most cases, just practice social distancing. Fresh air and exercise are AMAZING for not only physical health but also mental health. Take a walk around your neighborhood or a local park, go hiking or go jogging. Whatever it is you choose you do, Just get outside and get that Vitamin D!