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    Side Hustle From Home: 5 Ways to Earn Extra Money While Social Distancing

    Side Hustle From Home: Ways to Earn Extra Money While Social Distancing

    Despite the uncertainty Coronavirus may bring, here's what we know: staying home is the only way to decrease and flatten the curve of infection.

    While some individuals may have the benefit of working from home with the promise of earning regular pay, not everyone is so lucky. Small and family owned businesses have been ordered to temporarily close their doors, leaving many retail workers, service industry employees and fitness instructors unemployed and without income. 

    Maybe you're someone who just wants to stay busy while social distancing or maybe it's critical you fill the gap of income stat. Here are a few ways to earn extra money during this time.

    1. Sell pre-loved clothing and electronics online

    Now is a good time to scramble through your gently used clothing and cabinets to do some spring cleaning. If you’re in need of cash, be relentlessly critical of things that no longer spark joy. After all, an extra $20 is a DoorDash meal waiting to be delivered or a well-budgeted week’s worth of groceries.

    If you want to know how to make extra money fast by selling your stuff, it’s all about curating your items and post. When selecting which things to sell, brand name merchandise generally sells better than off-label attire and products. Take clear photos, including areas of damage, and write a clear and honest description so buyers know exactly what to expect. 

    Since you want to avoid conducting pick-up arrangements, you’ll want to sell on a platform where shipping is the standard. A few places to sell your pre-loved items that are online are, ThredUP, eBay,  Gazelle (electronics) or local buy/sell/trade Facebook groups. Be mindful to make sure the price accounts for extra costs, such as platform fees, PayPal fees, and shipping, ect. 

    2. Peddle stock YOUR photography

    If you're someone who goes on vacation, just to collect hundreds of photos of landscape, buildings and other similar visuals- now is your time to CASH IN! Put those old photos to use by starting a stock photo side hustle. It can be anything from beautiful lakes and hiking trails to old restaurants and gas stations. Once you've collected and arranged all the photos together in one easily accessible album, find your platform. Here are some great stock photo websites you could visit and check out are Shutterstock or iStock Photo. Both of these platforms can help you extra money while in quarantine. These sites do have certain requirements in place to be able to sell through them, but head over and take a look because if you fit them, this could just pay next months rent!

    3. Take surveys online

    If you're like the majority of humans, the idea of taking a survey at the end of a customer service phone call just seems like an inconvenience and waste of time, but surveying is a legitimate side hustle and can guarantee you earn extra cash from home. Yes, it's time-consuming, but let's be honest- what else do you have to do right now? You can spend your time binging Netlix, or making some extra cash. 

    Keep in mind that many platforms lean toward offering gift cards as a form of payment. While this is still a valuable incentive, make sure you are aware of how the compensation is received and that it is fitting for your needs.

    Heres a couple of places to start checking out the idea of taking online surveys; Swagbucks and Survey Junkie which offer surveys about brands and product experiences.

    4. Offer freelance services

    If you have a specific skillset or talent, chances are you can monetize it. This is a good time to play around with the idea and start a freelance side hustle. Whether it's just a knack for writing or you're a skilled graphic designer, reach out to friends, work colleagues and family to spread the word that you’re taking on new projects.

    You’ll want to research what a fair starting rate in your (selected) industry is, develop services and packages to offer for potential clients and get a portfolio of your work together. To get started, you don’t really need much aside from leads for freelance gigs. In addition to putting out feelers in your network, check remote job boards, like Upwork or Fiverrr to learn about more opportunities. 

    5. Work as a virtual assistant

    If your regular work isn’t geared to the digital space or you don’t feel like you have  a specialized skill that's marketable online, working as a virtual assistant could be an option. The majority of people you admire, look up to or even work with most likely have one.

    Virtual assistants have a large range of specialties potential clients seek out, from acting as an extra set of eyes and hands to help manage small details or just being in charge of ones daily calendar. You can find virtual assistant gigs on the following websites to try and make money at home:  Zirtual, FlexJobs, and

    For now, COVID-19 is here, and no one is sure exactly for how long. Educate and familiarize yourself with this list on how to make extra money fast. It helps to pass the time while social distancing and can give you a bit more financial cushion as well.