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    How to stay CLEAN and SAFE at the GYM!

    Avoiding Germs at the Gym

    Public places, gyms specifically aren’t known to be the most sanitary of places. Fitness centers are cesspools for bacteria due to the warm, crowded and sweaty environment. On any given piece of equipment over 70% of the bacteria found can be potentially harmful to humans. These germs could lead to anything from the common cold to rashes, to life-threatening diseases, including Corona Virus!! 

    What You Can Do to Stay Safe

    1. Don’t touch your face! Touching your face is a huge NO when trying to avoid germs, let alone when you’re at the gym and touching soiled equipment.

    2. Wipe down the equipment. This is CRUCIAL! Be prepared and bring your own packet of disinfectant wipes. Most gyms provide some sort of disinfectant, but keeping a pack with you will prevent you from having to take many trips to the antibacterial station. Give the equipment a quick and thorough scrub before and after use.

    3. Wash your hands. We know we know... you've heard this probably a hundred times during the past week. But we're here to say it again, WASH. YOUR. HANDS!! Even better…wash your whole body! Most gyms provide showers for a quick rinse-off, but if you’re not comfortable using them or are running out of time, just give your hands a good 30-45 seconds with soap and warm water. Make it double duty and use hand sanitizer after, just to be safe. Throw a travel size one in your gym bag or request that they keep some containers in the locker rooms.

    4. Wipe off your devices and sanitize! This goes for anything that may have accompanied you to the gym – phone, jewelry, headphones, weight-lifting gloves, tablet, and more! 

    5. Don’t re-wear dirty gym clothes! Laundry sucks, but if that extra load is going to prevent you from getting some freaky rash, it’s worth it. Wearing used gym clothes can also cause stubborn chest and back acne, and no one wants that either. Until you can make it home to get that laundry done RuK Pack has got you covered! By having  built in moisture separator, ideal for sweaty gym clothes, this ensures stink and sweat stays isolated. Also great for travelers, your dirty laundry will be easy to find when you get home from your trip!