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    3 Must-Have Supplements (that you probably aren't aware of)

    3 Must-Have Supplements (that you probably aren't aware of)

    Looking for some new ways to enhance your body’s full potential? 

    We’ve compiled a quick list of 3 CRITICAL SUPPLEMENTS (you probably don’t hear a lot about) that will provide surprising results. Also don't forget that the RuK Pack was specifically designed to allow you to stay  ON-POINT with your diet through work and travel... because living healthy shouldn’t be something you do only when it’s convenient.  There's no doubt a RuK Pack will leave you no excuses for cheating on your diet, so stay committed, stay connected, and stay fit!

    RuK On!



    L-leucine is an essential amino acid, that you must obtain it through diet because your body can't produce it. You can acquire L-leucine by eating meat, dairy products, eggs, soy and other beans, or by taking it as a supplement.

    • Boosts overall energy and athletic performance
    • Promotes protein Synthesis
    • Helps burn fat
    • Helps with muscle maintenance

    There are numerous brands to pick from online, so a simple search on Amazon or Google should get you where you need to go. 



    Somatomax ingredients include a proprietary blend of neurotransmitter stimulants and amino acids. The product is designed to trigger the central nervous system in producing growth hormones

    • Sleep improvement
    • Workout recovery
    • Sexual enhancement
    • Mood stabilization

    This is also a product you can find with most online retail channels and eCommerce supplement stores. 


    Citrus Bergamot

    Bergamot is a plant that produces a type of citrus fruit. Oil from the peel of the fruit, and extract from the fruit juice, are used to make this supplement, typically found in capsule form. 

    • Reduces high levels of cholesterol or other fats (lipids) in the blood (hyperlipidemia)
    • Raises good cholesterol levels
    • Removes fatty deposits in the liver
    • Helps lower blood sugar levels

    This supplement is easy to find at your local health food retailer, or online. 


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